Apostle Mayambu Calls On Zambians To  Seek God’s Forgiveness Of Sins Through 7 Days of Prayer, Fasting and National Repentance 

Battle Cry for Zambia (BCZ) founder Apostle Dr. Obrian Mayambu has declared 7(seven) days of Prayer,Fasting and Repentance for the country.

The Prayer and Fasting exercise will run from the 1st to 7th October, 2020.

Apostle Dr. Mayambu said Praying and Fasting was a way of requesting GOD to have mercy and forgiveness for the sins of the  nation.

“God can not heal our land if the leaders of the nation, Churches and families are holding on to evil practices”, he declared, adding:”Until we repent and do right things, God will heal our land and prosper us as a nation”(in reference to 2 Chronicles 7 versus 14).

“It’s time to repent, says the Lord. Let those with ears hear what the spirit of Lord is saying. I want to urge all believers to continue praying for peace in the nation. God bless you all,” he added

Apostle Dr.Obrian Mayambu
Founder Battle Cry for Zambia email drobrian91@gmail.com.