ZUNO Signs MoU With Texila American University

Texila American University(TAU) and the Zambia Union of Nurses Organisation(ZUNO) successfully signed a Memomorandum of Understanding(MoU), with higher learning Deputy Vice Chancellor Vijayakumar Rajarathinum saying the university strives to  provide high quality, research driven education that transforms students into educated and responsible citizens.

And ZUNO president Tisa Chiponda  is delighted that her organisation has finally been accorded an opportunity to collaborate with Texila American University.

Ms Chiponda

Speaking at a colourful  event,  Dr Vijayakumar insisted that Texila American University aims to redefine and revolutionize international education by offering updated, modern and excellent training in areas of Health Sciences, Information and Communication Technology, Management, Education, Applied Sciences and all possible areas that a learner seeks to engage in with the University.


“Today, we will witness the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Texila American University and Zambia Union of Nurses Organization. This is in line with our aim to build meaningful partnerships between ourselves as a university and key institutions that are working tirelessly to bring excellence to Zambia’s Health Sector. Thomas Paine said “Not in numbers but in unity is where our great strength lies.” That is why at Texila American university, we can not overemphasize our drive towards working together with organizations of like minds,” Dr Vijayakumar said.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor said it is Texila American University’s  mission to provide high quality education.

“It is our mission to provide high quality and research driven education that transforms students into responsible, educated, employable and entrepreneurial citizens. Our main goal is to make sure that when our students are done with their studies, they leave this place with the drive to bring positive change in whatever area of expertise they are trained in,” he said

Dr Vijayakumar said Texila American University as an institution of higher learning holds an unwavering mission to contribute to the development and sustenance of the well-being of the people of Zambia and the world through provision of flexible, innovative, entrepreneurial, inclusive programs of teaching, learning, research and service.

“…That is why in this partnership, we are offering 15% discount for all ZUNO registered members and a further 30% discount to ZUNO executive members. These discounts are towards the following programs offered by TAUZ; Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Public Health and Master of Business Administration Programs,” he said.

Dr Vijayakumar TAU shall provide a tuition fee discount of 10% towards the children of a ZUNO Member for studies in Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery; Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Diploma in Nursing and Diploma in Pharmacy.

Meanwhile, Dr Vijayakumar is delighted that the University is on course with
preparations to have full fledged academic operations by 12th October 2020, at the campus.
“We have put up all necessary health guidelines to ensure our students’ safety is prioritized,” he said.

And Ms Chiponda is  happy that her organisation has signed the MoU with Texila American University

“We wish to bring our gratitude for the opportunity accorded to us to collaborate with Texila American University,” she said

Ms Chiponda added: “ZUNO will upheld ethical action and relevance of working together to maximise the capabilities and potential of our learners and midwives through intra and inter professional collaborative partnerships, education and continued development with Texila American University.”