October 8, 2020

It’s politically and morally wrong for some section of society to criticize everything President Edgar Lungu says and does.

It’s also worth noting that constructive criticism is a critical tenet of a thriving democracy.

However, we have noted that attacks on President Lungu’s character or character–assassination, hate speech, scorn and ridicule falls short of constructive criticism.

President Lungu does not deserve such unfounded and baseless criticism.

The democratic space has indeed expanded during the few years President Lungu has been in office.

However, the expanded democratic space has been grossly abused by the said section of society in an alliance with media outlets hostile to Government.

President Lungu promotes and defends the freedom of expression and the media as well as the freedoms of association and assembly.

The fact that no-one has been arrested or harassed by the Police for expression their views is testimony that the Republican President is indeed a true democratic who tolerates divergent views.

We find the continued criticism of President Lungu’s leadership style unfounded and baseless.

We expect the said section of society to provide constructive criticism to the Head of State as opposed to attacking his character.

Issued by:

A consortium of Political Parties and Non-Governmental Organizations Spokesperson