Non- Participating Political Parties a danger to our Electoral Process

President’s Summit Failure to come up with resolution in a four (4)hour meeting tells you that the  Electoral Commission of Zambia lacks capacity to held 2021 General Elections.

After attending a circus meeting by the Electoral Commission of Zambia for Presidents and Secretary Generals at Mulungushi International Conference yesterday, as Leadership Movement (LM), we feel the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)has no capacity to hold the coming elections and they need capacity trainings in Elections Management, Conflicts Resolutions and Peace Building.

Further, we call upon all Zambians to be very careful with non- participating Political Parties as they are a danger to the Electoral Process and we also demand for the ECZ to call for a meeting of participating Political Parties to share experience and challenges before the roadmap is agreed.

Finally, fellow country men and women let us rise up and dust ourselves as we stop the Electoral Commission of Zambia from planting a seed of Confusion before 2021 elections.

Issued by
Tatila Tatila
Media Director
Leadership Movement (LM)