21ST OCTOBER, 2020



As Movement for National Transformation (MNT), we urgently call upon President Dr. Edgar
there will be ghastly consequences of THE LEGACY OF HIS PRESIDENCY, for gross
violations of the Republican Constitution, and his deceptive Presidency.

The following gross
violations must be noted, by ALL Zambians:

(1). The President is in breach of (Article 90), of the Constitution, which prescribes the
Principles of Executive Authority, which states that, “Executive Authority must be
exercised in a manner compatible with the principles of social justice and for the
People’s well-being and benefit.” The Country today is under social injustices, and the
executive powers are not working for the benefit of the Common good of Zambians, but
Patriotic Front (PF) cadres, who are now very rich citizens.

(2). The President is in breach of (Article 90), sub- articles (3) (a) to (f) which requires;
(a). Respect, upholding and safeguarding the constitution, (b) safeguarding the
sovereignty of the Republic, (c) promoting democracy and enhancing the unity of the
nation, (d) respect the diversity of the different communities of Zambia, and (f)
Upholding the rule of law. (As read together with Article 8). The (PF) Presidency, has
paid lip-service, to all these provisions. Our democratic tenets, practices, and national unity are all in gross violations.
(3). The President is in breach of (Article 92) (1) which requires him, “to perform with
dignity, leadership, and integrity, the acts necessary, expedient, and reasonably
incidental to, the exercise of the executive authority”.

WHILE WE, as the Citizenry, are grateful for the relatively massive Infrastructure development
of; Roads, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, howbeit, by debt, of USD 27 Billion, sadly. However, it is very disheartening that the following are neglected parts of the gross breaches of the
Republican Constitution, in less than a year before the 2021 general elections, as it were;
(1). Constitutionalism and Good Governance are at their all-time low. Bill 10, is not uniting the
Nation, but further dividing it. Those opposing it, have been ignored as the (PF) Voices are getting
louder than all others, autocratically. The democratic space, is narrowing against other players in the Opposition. Transparency, integrity, and accountability, are no longer part of our once enviable
democratic Republic in the region, and around the world, in almost 56 years of independence.
(2). The Economic Environment is very bad. The weak; economic fundamentals, high debt
burden, high exchange rate, and a growing high inflation rate, are indicators of a bad fiscal and
monetary policy, management frameworks. Inequalities, and wealth distribution has remained
with those in power or close to it, not the common Citizenry, sadly. The Foreign Direct Investment
(FDI) model of economic plan, is more favorable to Foreigners, in exploitation and casualization
of our people sadly. A Forensic Audit of all (PF) deceptive colossal empowerment funds, in this economy is needed.
(3). The Rule of Law failing. The consistent use of; threats, intimidation, and “law fare” to fix
perceived critical voices, or political Opponents, is tarnishing our sovereign; democracy,
legitimacy, and credibility of the state of existence. Those who were cited for corruption from (PF)
have all been acquitted or given “Nolle Prosequi” outcomes at law coincidentally. The denial of human rights to Opposition, like the arrest and imprisonment of Dr Kambwili’s bail pending
appeal, denial of Opposition Leaders to access Prisons, inhumane treatment of the Wife to Dr
Chishimba Kambwili, all point to a failure of the rule of law. The (PF) arrogantly and with
impunity, have been conducting rallies country wide, as if Covid-19 regulations of S.I. 21 and 22,
do not exist, but only use them against the Opposition Political Parties. No one, should be above the law.
(4). The Cadrerisation of government and State Institutions. We need professionalism in the
Civil Service, Public institutions including; Markets, Bus stops, and all State Actors. Cadres are
militias today, above the Police. Cadres who beat the Police Officers are acquitted, while
Opposition Parties are blocked at every point by Cadres. The silence of the Presidency about these things, entails the blessing of the President. The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), must be
reconstituted, to conduct fair 2021 elections. Their current approach, is dangerous to our;
democracy, national unity, and peace and security.
(5). The Discrimination and Abuses of the Application of the Public Order Act (POA). There
has been a discriminatory application of the (POA) by the Zambia Police Service. The Police has
used force disproportionately in many cases against Civilians like Mrs. Kambwili, Mucheleka, and
other players. Before we enforce law and order, we must ensure that we provide the environment
democratically, that does not fuel injustices by Police and the Presidency. Law and Order, without
value for Citizens, is an justice, and gross abuse of Police Services, by using undue Force. We only have a Police Service., not a Police Force. Police are acting like ‘Mercenaries’, against unarmed
Civilians. The Police are not acting professionally, in the use of their powers and use of the (POA)
(6). Growing Discontents and Sovereign Security Risks of Unrest. Our people are discontented
with how the Country is being governed by the (PF). The situation must be arrested or we are
heading for Autocracy, if not a full blown dictatorship, not democracy. Our sovereign state, is at
risk of invaders, who seek economic exploitation. The (PF’s) dealings with China remain insidiously questionable, to our national assets. In 1991, the vigilantes of UNIP could not stop the revolution of Change, so in 2021. People are saying, “Enough is enough “Zambians are gettting tired of gross abuses taking place, and are counting down their end now.
(7). Deception and Corruption of the Presidency. The presidency has not been entirely honest
with the Zambian people. By deception, the (PF) have not fought corruption. It has been tolerated,
rather than fought.

They have not treated Opposition Parties fairly, Violence and disunity are the norm of threats of (PF) government Ministers against Citizens, in arrogance and impunity. The deceptive Presidential working visits Country wide, have been campaigns against Opposition
Parties. There is no justice, and corruption is defended in academic exercises. Therefore, based on the foregoing breaches, and violations against the Republican constitutional
requirements, we call on the President to do the right thing, by immediately resigning and calling
for early elections, while the Zambian people are still Clapping. The presidency of the (PF) very
soon, must answer to abuses of the Republican Constitution by ‘massive’ Judicial Reviews of this
presidency. We put this statement on record for posterity, by which we advise Parliament accordingly.
Issued by:
Dr Daniel Mvula Shimunza
MNT Founding President
For First World Zambia Ideology
And 2021 Presidential Candidate.