I can vote for a dog Over HH, Says Cosmo Mumba

By Agness Chibwana

National Revolution Party(NRP) leader Cosmo Mumba says in an absence of a Presidential Candidate to compete with UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and a dog is fielded instead, he would vote that animal.

And Dr Mumba who is National Revolution Party(NRP) leader says his party fully supports bill 10.

Speaking in an interview, Dr Mumba said he would vote for a dog over Mr Hichilema if they competed in an election.

“To tell you the truth, if today, they put a dog and HH on the Ballot Paper, I can vote for that dog,” he said.

Dr Mumba maintained that Mr Hichilema will never rule Zambia.
“Mr Hichilema will never rule Zambia because he has continued to demonstrate dictatorial tendencies that don’t look well to the public eye. Look, in the last nine months or so, Mr Hichilema has been operating without a vice president because of his insecurity,” Dr Mumba said.
He said the recent by-elections result show that the UPND has not penetrated the PF strongholds and will likely suffer its seventh defeat in the forthcoming elections.

And speaking at a presser, Dr Mumba confirmed that his party is fully in support of Bill 10.
He urged both the ruling and opposition Members of Parliament to support Bill 10 as it is a good piece of legislation that will decentralize the country.
“…A decentralized Zambia means the country will have access to development. Currently we have 156 Members of Parliament but with Bill 10, will have more than 200 law makers which is good for development,” he said.