KBF Laughs Off Critics

Patriotic Front(PF) Presidential hopeful Kelvin Fube Bwalya popularly known as KBF has rated the PF five out of ten on the Zambian economic performance scale.

And Mr Bwalya has laughed off talks that he overates himself to the point of aspiring for Zambian Presidency.

Speaking on Pan African Radio, News Feedback programme, Mr Bwalya rated the ruling party 5 on an economic performing scale because it has failed to live by people’s expectation in as far as industrialising the country is concerned.

He argued that job creation remains a huge challenge under the ruling PF.
“On a scale of one to ten, I rate the PF five because this is not what we intended as a party. Most of the things that have come up, have been uphazard kind of programmes that were not intended in the PF manifesto. Some of the projects that have been taken up are not being executed in the manner that we intended to execute them. There has been little of disappointment on that core,” he complained.

Asked what programme he feels do not tally with the PF manifesto, Mr Bwalya quipped:
“That will take me four days to talk about them but when we discussed the PF manifesto initially with the late Micheal Sata, we intended the nation to be opened up in the first five years and the next five years was supposed to be industrialising. So far, job creation has been a very serious challenge. As you maybe aware, we have a lot of youths who are unemployed. We have a lot of University and College graduates who are unemployed. We have a lot of youths in the informal sector who are not finding their feet financially. So, you cannot talk of economic empowerment when you are giving handouts such as K1 600 and say that is economic empowerment. It is not what we intended, we intended to industrialise,” Mr Bwalya said.

He said the country has done enough in terms of infrastructure development but was quick to point out that infrastructure without industrialization cannot help an ordinary Zambian.
He refused to blame Covid-19 for the decline of the Zambian economy.
“…coming from an era where we were thinking of job creation in the million of jobs to be created…I know people will say Covid-19 is a cause but Covid is just seven months old,” he said.
And Mr Bwalya insisted that his Presidential ambition were birthed from the two books he wrote, namely Zambia shall prosper part (1 and 2)

When reminded that people feel he overates himself to the point of becoming President of Zambia, Mr Bwalya laughed off the talks.

“Was President Lungu Presidential material when he stood? We had to make him a President. A President is made.They can say what they want to say, they are entitled to their opinion. Was Rupiah Banda, a retired diplomat Presidential material when he stood? No. Was ba Chiluba who was just a trade unionist Presidential material? No. Presidents are made but you must have something to offer to the nation. It is not the question of saying that I want to be President but you don’t have anything to offer. You must have a vision, I have a vision for this country which is very clear and that is what is driving me. So, it is not about overrating myself. Those people speak like that because they want to frustrate(me). They want to make me think and feel I can’t aim for a high office in the land. There is nothing wrong with ambition. Ambition in every individual is a very important aspect of development. You must aspire to be somebody, to be something, if you don’t, then why are you living. I have been a lawyer for the past 30 years, I have been in business for almost the same time. I have grown, I have matured, I have made friends, I am educated and am comfortable financially, it is not like I am struggling. Whether I am voted for or not, I still have a job unlike others,” he said.