Pres. Lungu, A True Democrat

President Edgar Lungu

October 29, 2020


Zambian DNA is very disappointed with some opposition political parties and their surrogates who are going around peddling falsehoods that Zambia is under a dictatorship when in fact not.

President Edgar Lungu is indeed a true democrat who tolerates divergent views and even hard-hitting criticism than the current crop of opposition leaders who do not tolerate criticism.

We say so because of his firm belief in the collective decisions arrived at by consensus of Cabinet and the ruling PF Central Committee, respectively.

President Lungu was also democratically elected by the Party Convention in 2015, and plans are underway to hold a Convention to endorse his candidature for the 2021 polls.

Moreover, President Lungu respects the freedom of expression and the media as evidenced from his critics who are often in the media to pour scorn, ridicule and contempt on him yet none of them has been harassed or arrested for such abuse of their freedoms.

However, we have observed with dismay how opposition leaders in Zambia have continued to attack the Head of State instead of providing checks and balances to government.

As for the outspoken opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, who is masquerading as the country’s messiah when in fact not, has never been endorsed by a Party Convention since the controversial 2006 Convention that ushered him in as a Party leader.

The UPND leader dictates to his elected Members of Parliament, Council chairpersons and Councillors to stoop to his interests and not of the people they represent.

In fact, the UPND leader also threatens the said elected representatives with expulsion from the Party if they defy his orders.

The former UPND Kafue District Council chairperson who was hounded out of the Party for attending a function officiated by President Lungu is a typical example.

Another typical example is the UPND leader’s instructions given to his MPS not to support Bill 10 by walking out of Parliament when it is tabled on the floor of the House.

It’s for these reasons we are urging Zambians not to be swayed by the UPND leader’s sugar-coated campaign messages purporting that he’ is the country’s messiah when in fact not.

In view of the foregoing, we would like to tell the Zambian people that It is not President Lungu who is a dictator but the UPND leader who rules his party by decree.

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