Apostle Mayambu’s Prophetic Word For November

I, Apostle Dr.Obrian Mayambu prophesy that as you move into the Month of November, the Lord’s hand of protection will rest on you (Psalm 121 vs 7), even in the midst of choas and disorder.

Fear not God is sanctifying everything around you because the light of Christ is about to shine upon you like you have never seen before.

A new faith is arising in you and His Glory will flow through like a mighty rushing river.

Double up on your Anointing for nothing will hold you back this time. Everything you will touch this Month will produce fruits. Greater things are coming to you in this new season .

Things are changing, you will see the the Hand of God and your story will change. Every demonic conspiracy planned against you will be over turned by the Angels of the Lord.

November will be a Month that promises are Supernaturally revealed and fulfilled propelling you into the coming year. What seemed impossible is going to be made possible Mathew 19:26 . Rejoice and Give God all the Glory.

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