Opposition Suffers Setback… As Fearless Lukuku Dies

“Oh! We have lost our beloved president James Musendeka Lukuku,” cries, Republican Progressive Party(RPP) vice president Leslie Chikuse.

The tearful Chikuse said the late Lukuku died in University Teaching Hospital  around 21:00 hours but

could however, not give details about the death of the gallant and outspoken RPP leader, saying the deceased family will give direction of the funeral proceeding. Lukuku is one of the politicians famously dubbed “the Micheal Chilufya Sata political students” who emerged on the political scene during the late Levy Mwanawasa rule. Late Sata gloomed a number of young politicians and Lukuku was one of the vibrant boys he planted in the MMD in his desire to destroy the then ruling party empire that was almost proving impossible to break.

Lukuku served as MMD Lusaka District Secretary under the influence of then opposition leader Micheal Sata. However, after Rupiah Bwezani Banda lost power to Sata in 2011, Lukuku decided to go solo and formed Republican Progressive Party.

After the 2016 General Elections, the RPP joined hands with the United Party for National Development(UPND) and other political parties to form the Opposition Alliance posed to dethrone the current PF regime, with Lukuku being named Spokesperson. During his short stint as Opposition Alliance Spokesperson,Lukuku fought numerous legal battles against the State some of which are still active before the court to this date.

“I will always be the voice of the voiceless. These people eating from late Sata’s sweat will scamper away like rats when their time comes,” said Lukuku in one of the Interviews with the radio station. One thing for sure, the opposition alliance as lost a fearless guy who stood for justice and endeavored to fight for the weak.