Artists Encouraged To Use Their Platforms For National Unity

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(Lusaka, 9th November, 2020) – Zambian singer, songwriter, Abel Chungu Musuka has called on local entertainers to use their platforms to promote national unity. Mr Musuka says art is a tool, that if used properly, can create national unity, especially ahead of the 2021 general elections. Mr Musuka says music and arts can and should be used to give people a sense of patriotism and oneness regardless of political affiliation.

Mr Musuka added that arts that prioritize love and unity are critical to the general well-being of Zambian citizens and the world as a whole. He said this was because every human being desires to be loved and to belong. He also implored entertainers to highlight various challenges that citizens are facing at community and national level, as they are the mouthpiece of the people they represent. He reminded entertainers of the powerful role that they have in creating the narrative of the nation and influencing change. He also emphasized the need to use art to preserve culture and distinguish the wealth of different tribes and traditions.

He encouraged artists, especially musicians to get creative in celebrating and bringing to light various tribes and people groups in Zambia. He said Zambia has a rich diversity of tribes and people groups, some of whom have very little representation. He further said it was imperative that artists broadened their knowledge of the different tribes and sects of society so that their target groups broaden and that they use their platforms for all people without leaving anyone behind. Mr Musuka further implored artists to use their platforms creatively and with excellence before they present their work to the public.

He was speaking at Texila American University Thought Leadership Series. The Texila Zambia Thought Leadership Series is a public lecture which tackles various human interest topics and is held online every month.
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