Lungu Questions John Sangwa’s Nationality

Evangelical Youth Alliance(EYA) president Moses Lungu has questioned State Counsel(SC) John Peter Sangwa’s nationality.

Sangwa has threatened to drag President Lungu’s nomination forms to court in an event that he successfully files in his  candidature.

LawyerJohn Sangwa

But Rev. Lungu wants the State Counsel to tell the truth about his nationality before he interferes in President Lungu’s nomination papers.

“We are aware that John Peter Sangwa is seeking to interfere with President Lungu’s nomination at the Electoral Commission of  Zambia(ECZ) and has vowed to petition against his nomination. However, we want to ask this one thing from him…We are calling on him to first and foremost tell the Zambian people the truth about his nationality. The question we are putting across to him is simple, Is John Peter Sangwa a Zambian? If so, where is his village? his town? and chiefdom? Zambians are known to be peace loving people and it is for this reason that we would like to know people that are making commentaries and advocating for unfounded propaganda. We just have to get to know ourselves. Where are we coming from? Who are we? What is the motive behind whatever we are doing?” Rev Lungu said.

He reminded Sangwa that in the past, he had been disrespectful to the Judges whom he wants to preside over President Lungu’s  Presidential nomination case.

“He is on record calling Judges ill qualified and now he wants to find solace in the same court he called names. So, the essence of calling for this press briefing is to seek an understanding and getting to know the truth about State Counsel John Peter Sangwa’s nationality…Who is he? As a matter of fact   before you remove a particle in your friend’s eye, you should first deal with the log in your eye. Before we look at the problems that we perceive about others, let’s address our own problem. So as EYA and as a Church, we want to know who this John Peter Sangwa is. Who is his chief? which town was he born? We want these answers to come from him before he starts making noise in the courts of law.

Rev Lungu said: “We also want to remind him that it is wrong to call our Judges ill qualified…as a matter of fact, you will handle your petition when you go to court against the ECZ’s nomination of President Lungu.”

He urged Zambians to be wary of destructors whose main agenda is to seeks to keep the nation in perpetual poverty and running around the globe with a begging bow.

“We must give credit for the massive development the government of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has undertaken which is there for everyone to see. Today, Zambia is a place of envy in the region. I am aware that many Zambians are looking forward to give his Excellency President Edgar Lungu another term in office to spearhead further unprecedented level of development.