Luanshya Copper Mine Cheer LM

The Leadership Movement (LM) is delighted with China Luanshya Copper Mines (CLM) Cooperate Social Responsibility Program announcement that intend to Target 145 Small Scale Farmers in Luanshya which will benefit from its farmer Inputs support programme this year.

Leadership Movement hopes to see such programs reach out to other mining areas within Copperbelt and even beyond.

However, we maintain that no mining firm should benefit for our Tax Hoilday and Tax Break policy as we want to see more mining companies work to benefit of the Zambian people.

It is for this reason that LM come 2021 will make Cooperate Social Responbility mandatory as we uplift the living standard of the ordinary people who have been affected by the impact of Covid19 on Agriculture and Mining.

Lastly, LM believes smallholder farmers in Zambia can mitigate poverty by practicing conversation farming, embracing food diversity and agroforestry, as well as promotion of regeneration through well funded extension services.

Issued by
Tatila Tatila
Media Director
Leadership Movement (LM)