ECZ must Ensure Free And Fair Polls-Chikuse

Chikuse being interviewed by Caesar Sindele on Pan African Radio, People’s Debate Programme

Republican Progressive Party (RPP) President Leslie Chikuse has challenged the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to provide free and fair election to avoid conflict among stakeholders in the electoral process.

Speaking on Pan African Radio, People’s Debate Programme, Chikuse observes that the manner in which the ECZ has been conducting the electoral process ahead of 2021 general election has potential to bleed anarchy in the country.

“Even in their incompetence, ECZ must ensure that it provides free and fair elections.

“We demand with immediate effect that the Commission increases capacity of manpower and centres, any means available to ensure that no one is defranchised in the 2021 General Elections,” Chikuse said.

He further says that the Commission should have been more careful not to use poor quality material for new voters cards which cannot last as compared to the previous cards.

The RPP President says that stakeholders in the electoral process should not beg ECZ to do right thing in anyway but the election body must fulfil its mandate.

He further says that if this is done, then the election results are done and dusted for the people.

Mr Chikuse recalled incidences of the 2016 General Elections where the Commission exposed it’s irregularities.

“Fabrication of Chituluka Constituency, non availability of Gen 12 and the person who entered illegally in the IT strong room and delay in announcing the results from nearby areas like Lusaka,” The RPP President recalled.

He said these irregularities must not occur so that the Zambian people would emerge victorious.

And Mr Chikuse says that the Patriotic Front must be ready to handle power to the people by ensuring that all those that are supposed to register, register as voters as per constitutional requirement.

Asked if the opposition in the country has recorded tangible achievements, the vibrant Chikuse responded that results have led bare, citing the collapse of bill 10 which the opposition aggressively rejected.

He said that the constitution amendment bill 10 of 2019 was not consultative and could have not united the country if it passed in Parliament.

“We have succeeded to advise continuously government to stop borrowing recklessly, stop corruption…” he said.