Mapalo’s Brother Writes Heartbreaking Tribute To Sister, Talks About Their Father’s Death Last Month

“Mapalo my beloved young sister why have you left me in tears? Last month on 20th November, we buried our father. And less than a month we are burying you dear; just close to where our beloved dad was buried. Am heartbroken my sister, am heartbroken Mapalo. What will forever pain me is the pain you suffered as you were being killed.

“Your head was shattered like a criminal. Strangled to death mercilessly like a poisonous snake You died a shameful death contrary to how you were Mapalo; being striped naked as if you were a common criminal. You decided to go for nursing instead of being an accounting officer because of the care nurses gave you throughout the horrible five years you were crying daily due to terrible itching/painful eyes. Am in pain Mapalo seeing your lifeless body on social media. I can’t believe its you my sister. Only God knows. Rest In Peace my dear sister. I don’t know how I will live without you my beloved. Rest in Peace Mapalo”