Mayambu Opposes EFZ’s Prayer Time Restriction Order

Apostle Mayambu

Battle Cry for Zambia (BCZ) Founder Obrian Mayambu has urged the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia(EFZ) not to restrict time for Churches during cross over night Prayers.

Responding to the EFZ demand letter that is restricting Churches to meet for 2 hrs during crossover Prayers, Apostle Dr. Obrian Mayambu wondered the logic behind the Church Mother Body’s order because Zambia being a Christian national Churches are free to worship at will.
He said Covid-19 has minimised in the country hence saw no reason why there should be prayer time restriction.
In the first place, Zambia is a Christian Nation. We need to worship God freely without any intimidation. Apostle Dr. Mayambu, said “the overnight prayers are very important for the Church to thank God for protection during the Covid 19 Pandemic.The Prayers are also aiming at committing the Nation of Zambia in prayer knowing that 2021 is an Election year to pray for peace and unity of the nation.”.
He, however, urged the Church in the country to remain non-partisan but to always give spiritual guidance to all political leaders in the nation so that peace and National Unit can be enhanced .
“God is watching over Zambia. We continue to stand on Psalm 91.May God bless our nation.

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