TWIST OF FATE: Mwika Was Actually Married

TWIST OF FATE: Mwika Was Actually Married
Murder then suicide.
So that idiot who strangled a 21 years old Nurse then killed himself was married?
I never said anything but some of you inboxed me for my views having found nothing on my wall. So that man was married and left behind 2 kids? Ala chipuba.
I knew his stupid audio didn’t add up. I was saddened to see some fellow idiots saying “Some women deserve it”. I may not even have commented but I made sure I unfriended a number of Psycopaths.
The young lady was beautiful jealous down, she could date her own man she wanted does it mean she didn’t know the idiot was married? If she did that changes everything. Not that she deserved to die but no sympathy from me.
Paxina Mumba