We shall Send Food To All 7 Constituencies

We shall Send Food To  All 7 Constituencies
He writes;
Dear Planners,
We are duty bound to respond and oblige when the Ministry of Health guides as they have that we have a maximum of 300 in total for our Wedding event this Saturday 26th December, 2020.
Woodlands stadiun still remains the Wedding venue as we have already signed a financial contract with the stadium management.
Regrettably we shall however invite about zero guests there.
Our line up already has 50 people (25 male & 25 female) more so as I turn 50 years on the same Wedding day.
When I add Artists, security & support staff to the list, we are already towards 200 people. So who to invite and not invite was the headache I was trying to avoid hitherto.
We shall award live broadcasting rights to a TV station to cover event live so that all can be present be it virtually.
We shall look to send to all 7 Constituencies food packages and drinks direct to various that includes but not limited to Orphanages, Old people homes, Hospices etc
We shall keep reviewing until the day on how best to get everyone interested be part of the event direct or indirectly while observing the 300 maximum limit as well as other guidlines that have been given to us by the Ministry of Health.