Spy Smasher Petitions KK, Seeks Compensation

Royal Crown Prince Bryce  Mfune

Royal Crown Prince Bryce Mfune, the unsung hero who saved Zambia from bombardment by South African Apartheid intelligent network in 1986 has written another letter to former President Kenneth Kaunda requesting him to intervene in his delayed compensation by the Zambian Government.
Meanwhile, Royal Crown Prince Mfune is happy that the Government of Edgar Chagwa Lungu has recognised him for the noble service he rendered to the country for saving the lives of many Zambians, in the year that was characterised by late soccer god Diego Maradona’ s ‘Hand of God’ World Cup triumph.
However, Prince Mfune is disappointed that the Attorney General Likando Kalaluka has informed him that Government cannot reward him unless he takes the matter to court for determination.
According to a letter dated 10th November 2020 and addressed to President Kaunda, Prince Mfune complained that he has been ambondoned to face starvation despite saving thousands of lives from bombardment.
“My heart boils and bleed since you, Your Excellency has abondoned me to face starvation despite saving your life from assassination in April, 1986 by Apartheid spies during the liberation struggles of Namibia and South Africa,” he complained, “Today, you are immensely enjoying your retirement life in comfort while I continue starving because of your abandonment. I believed that you were a die-hard humanist but I have learnt that you are a bondservant torturer of man.”
Mr Mfune explained that he bravely detected nine secret Apartheid spies of South Africa belonging to the CIA of the United States of America and British M.I spies who were detained and arrested in Zambia for planning to ambush the country.
He said he has since been put under doctored surveillance because they were surprised to have been detected and their secret spying operation exposed by a black man from a shabby intelligence system in Africa.
“…Only three days were left to assassinate you, Your Excellency together with Sam Nujoma of Namibia and Thabo Mbeki of South Africa. It was historical in Africa for the first time to detect a large number of sophisticated spies from the Western World considering shabby intelligence system in black African countries,” he said.
Royal Prince Mfune said the regular Zambia State Security and Intelligence Services(ZSSIS) officers lamentably failed to detect the spies, emphasising that Apartheid military officer were bent to destroy and devastate the whole economic infrastructure of Zambia.
He said his detection of spies arose after he was asked to help due to tense threatening security situation at the time coming from Apartheid South Africa by then Special Division Director of Intelligence of Lusaka Province, late Julius Nkhoma, saying his detection of spies brought despondency in the whole intelligence system.
“…Instead of declaring me a hero after saving Zambia from bloodshed, I was poisoned through beer drinking by the intelligence officials,” he complained.
Prince Mfune said.
The Royal Prince explained that after his personal inborn intellect investigation, in 1987, he lodged a written petition to President Kaunda over his poisoning who replied by posting him a written scribed note where he was instructed to give the complaint to late Nkhoma.