Pres. Lungu: An Architect Of One Zambia One Nation

December 22, 2020

President Edgar Lungu’s Cabinet represents the country’s multi-ethnic society as he’s alive to the fact that nation-building should promote ethnic inclusiveness at all levels of governance.
Indeed, President Lungu’s administration promotes ethnic inclusiveness at all levels of governance, including the Cabinet.

President Lungu is also conscious to the fact that nation-building goes beyond ethnic inclusiveness at Cabinet level.

This fact explains why President Lungu has the desire and passion to push the boundaries of ethnicity so as to insulate the nation from its evil poison.

More so, the Head of State wants to leave a legacy of a multi-ethnic society built based on not only mutual respect for each other, ability to reduce tension and discord, protection of those ethnic groups who feel threatened by others, but also that promotes equity and equality in the distribution of national resources.

However, those who think that President Lungu discriminates some ethnic groups, particularly the Tonga people are wrong.

In fact, President Lungu is the first ever Republican President to have visited several times the then little-known Southern Province’s Dundumwezi constituency.

We detest the dangerous attempts to create an impression that President Lungu is deliberately building two nations where the Bembas and their cousins ( Easterners) dominate and control everything in Zambia at the exclusion of other tribes when in fact not, as this is a tact to influence Zambians to rise against the President and his government.

By this time everyone knows how desperate UPND is for power, and that they are using every trick in the book to erode Zambians’ confidence in the Republican President.

We fully know that repeated claims by misguided and disgruntled so-called scholars that President Lungu discriminates Tonga people, and the others in areas perceived to be UPND strongholds are baseless and unfounded and should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve.

It is unfortunate that those aspiring to lead this great nation are bent on dividing it based on tribe and where someone hails from as is the case with UPND where one has to come from a particular tribe to lead the party as was the case with Hakainde Hichilema in 2006 when he took over from Anderson Mazoka.

However, President Lungu’s nation-building agenda is different and unique as it is anchored on embracing everyone at various levels of decision-making, including the Cabinet.


Issued by:

Zambian DNA Spokesperson

Spuki Mulemwa