Chitambala Mwewa Faces Defamation Case

National Revolution Party(NRP) leader Cosmo Mumba’s lawyer have concluded investigations into the defamatory remarks made by Facebook fanatic Chitambala Mwewa against their clients.
The team of seven lawyers is now set to take Mr Mwewa to court for allegedly turnishing Dr Mumba’s image in the eyes of right thinking persons.
Mr Mwewa on his much read Facebook page wrote that Dr Mumba changed his mother given name Collins to Cosmo when in fact not.
Mwewa further alleged that Dr Mumba masquarades as doctor when there was no credible institution that bestowed the doctrate degree on him.
In the past, Mr Mwewa had alleged that Dr Mumba kidnapped his security guard , the allegation which was not proved right by the Zambia Police Servive.
Mr Mwewa also claimed that Dr Mumba had threatened to rape his court witness when in fact not.
Accordingly, the other Defamation case by Mr Mwewa is related to Dr Mumba’s wife. Mr Mwewa allegedly defamed Mumba’s wife.
However, Dr Mumba is consulting his family on whether or not he should cite Mr Mwewa for Defamation of Character.
” I am consulting with family member on whether I should go ahead with legal proceeding against Chitambala for defaming me. But my lawyers are done with the research and have built a strong case against Chitambala,” Dr Mumba said.
He regretted that Mr Mwewa has for a long time being issuing malicious statements against him.
Dr Mumba said as a result, he has suffered consequence being a person running for the Presidency of the country in the forthcoming General Elections.