The Unresolved Conspiracy To Murder Case

Panyam Vikram Deva Reddy

As Tumfweko Media, we are buffled that the State failed to prosecute the alleged case of conspiracy to murder Vinod Yaddula, a prominent Chibombo based businessman.

Given the documented evidence in our custody, that could have been a very good case  the State in court,  alas, the case is died a natural death, leaving the victim dangling for safety and very unsure whether his assailant will make a hit.

Liseli Imasiku

In March this year, the Zambia Police Service, Flying Squad Unit at Lusaka Central Police Station arrested four suspects in connection to conspiracy to murder Vinod Yaddula, a 40 year old investor.

DJ Sheck

The five suspects namely, Simon Nganga from Kenya, Edward Morris also from Kenya, Renald,  Imasiku Liseli and Misheck Katadza, otherwise known as DJ Sheck were arrested and under police interrogations they disclosed that they were hired by Vikram Deva Reddy, a beleaguered Indian Millionaire and Yaddula former partner-cum-enemy.

Edward Morris


Vikram and Vinod turned foes when the latter resigned from Vikram Investment Limited to concentrate on his mining company based in Solar I have District. This irritated Vikram who wants at all cost to grab the licence.
The police confiscated the gadgets and the vehicles used during the conspiracy to allegedly harm Yaddula.
However, the four suspects were released on bond and the vehicles suspiciously returned to them.
According to media reports, when the case file proceeded to the Director of Public Prosecution(DPP) it had no forensic report from Zambia Information and Communication Authority (ZICTA), a key ingredient for the case to succeed. Determined to take the case to court, the DPP redirected the file back to the Zambia Police so that they include the ZICTA report.
However, ZICTA surprisingly shock failed to open the gadgets claiming that they were coded with passwords and the WhatsApp messages were encrypted. This did not go too well with the DPP who had no choice but to halt the case from proceeding any further.
How could ZICTA, the mighty communication regulator fail to open the gadgets, the act that can be done by an ordinary phone dealer in Katondo street? It doesn’t name from Collins to Cosmo sense and something isn’t just right.
We don’t want to say ZICTA or the Zambia police were compromised not to produce compromised by Vikram not to produce a forensic reported, a key ingredient in the case but we are wondering as to why they failed to open the gadgets.
Since the case is unresolved, it puts Vinod, a complainant in an awkward  position as they may be back to finish him off completely. We are aware that unknown vehicles have been trailing Vinod everywhere he goes. The man is not at peace because justice in the conspiracy to murder case has not yet prevail, with police not giving indication whether it will proceed to court having failed to open the gadgets.

When this media outlet two month ago contacted Mr Yaddula to establish whether he is safe, he could not give any comment but something told us that things are not okay with him regarding the mater .
The facial expression told us that there is something bothering Yaddula.
This case, where Imasiku Liseli one of the suspect is clearly heard telling the other person in the recording that “Vikram what Vikram wants is that guy to die. He must be crushed”, must be reopened so that perpetrators are brought to book. Vinod, like many other investors helping the Zambia need protection to boost the business morale in the country. We can’t have a situation where an investor’s life is is in danger. It sends a very bad signal to would be investors.
Vikram, the prime suspect is in India, assumedly working with a remote control while Vinod is here in Zambia living in fear. We expect both the Zambian and Indian Governments to prevail on this matter so that justice can prevail. Otherwise, blood will be on their heads should God forbid anything happens to Yaddula.
We rest our case for now.