God’s will must prevail in the 2021 polls- Dr Mayambu …as he urges Lungu, HH to promote peace

Apostle Mayambu


Apostle Dr Obrian Mayambu, Founder of Battle Cry for Zambia(BCZ)has urged Zambians not to listen to false prophecies over Zambia’s Presidency in the upcoming General Elections.

President Edgar Lungu

Apostle Dr Mayambu acknowledged in a statement that leadership comes from God whom he said is not silent and still in control of the country’s welfare.

” We the people of Zambia must understand that leadership comes from God according to Romans 13:1. God is not silent over Zambia. He is still in control and still loves the people of Zambia despite the challenges we are going through as a nation,” he said, “We the Zambian people should not be mislead by any prophecy .I Apostle Dr Mayambu am praying for God’s will to Prevail in the upcoming General Elections For God to give us a leader of his choice for this Great Nation Zambia.

The clergy said the powers of darkness will not prevail as long as God is in charge.
” I Apostle Dr. Mayambu declares the presence of God to go before Zambia and no weapon formed against our nation Zambia shall prosper Isaiah 54:17. I cancel every Demon spirit of confusion and violence upon Zambia. I also Declare there shall be no blood shed in the upcoming General Elections. every evil altars crying for blood in the land of Zambia be destroyed now in Jesus name,” Apostle Dr Mayambu prayed.

He urged the Church, and all political leaders in Zambia to preach the message of peace, unity and love and to embrace the theme of “One Zambia, One nation.

may God bless our Nation.

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