Bishop Donald Chirambo Sued For Committing Adultery With A Married Woman

Bishop Donald Chirambo Sued For Committing Adultery With A Married Woman
A CLERY man of Ndola has been sued for committing adultery with a married woman belonging to his church.
Beacon of Hope Tabernacle Church Bishop Donald Chirambo has been sued in the Ndola High Court as second respondent in a divorce petition filed by Christopher Mulenga, a businessman.
Mr Mulenga wants his marriage to be dissolved stating that his wife Susan Mulenga and Bishop Chirambo have been involved in an adulterous relationship.
Mr Mulenga claims that his domestic worker informed that on several occasions, he saw his wife and Bishop Chirambo in compromising and romantic positions such as kissing.
Mr Mulenga said when he checked his wife’s phone amid protests, he came across unsavory details about their affair and also pornographic materials which she shared with the Bishop.
“At one time during the sexual intercourse, the petitioner was able to sense that the respondent had just had sexual intercourse with someone,” reads the petition.
Mr Mulenga further state that when he confronted Bishop Chirambo about the affair with his wife, he denied the claims but only admitted to having been found in a compromising position with his wife.
He further claim that he found a diary in which his wife was keeping and making entries of the illicit affair.
Mr Mulenga also stated that his wife has a tendency of using traditional herbs and other substance on him, adding that on one occasion he found her with strange substances while family members and domestic workers have found her smoking strange substances around their home.
He has since asked the court dissolve the marriage as the wife’s behavior has taken a toll on his physical and mental well-being thereby causing him to suffer poor health.