“Covid-19 Is Nasty, I Nearly Died”, Shares Survivor Mwiza Nzila

“I urge all of you to avoid crowds, mask up and sanitize. The truth is I don’t know where I caught Covid-19 from…,” says Lusaka mother Mwiza Nzila who’s recovering from COVID-19.
Mwiza has shared her story on her Facebook page, and how severe COVID-19 is and now cautions Zambians to take precautions because the disease nearly killed her.
She writes…
Some of you may already know that I’ve been down with Covid-19 the past days.
This disease is bad guys, one minute you just have a flu and the next minute your chest gets so tight and breathing becomes such a pain.
Before you know it food starts to taste like candle wax, then you realise you cant even smell anything.
It’s like a combination of Malaria and very bad flu.
Then your eyes start hurting and all you can do is close them as tears flow out freely.
The worst part of it all is the social impact – I never thought a day would come when I’d cry for bana Gift, I miss my helper because if she was around she’d have boiled my favourite chicken feet soup natu chilli; I miss my daughters because every now and then they’d pop in with my favorite clove tea or a bowl of soup ?.
I miss being hugged and just having people around me, laughing with me.
I have received so many messages and calls from my family and friends and that is so comforting, but the urge to be with them grows bigger each day.
The thought of being alone another day longer is soul crushing.
What got to me quickly was fear; and that is the killer. I thank God for that gentle Doctor who spoke to me sternly about letting go of fear because it’d kill me; & my friends and family who detected my fear and helped me get over it ??.
I am recovering well and although I still can’t smell & taste, I am so much better than I was a few days ago.
I took Covid casually and I believed I had it several times and recovered without even knowing it until the day I had to take the test & given the dreadful result.
I urge all of you to avoid crowds, mask up and sanitize. The truth is I don’t know where I caught Covid-19 from, all I know is it’s nasty on some of us & my history of Bronchitis only made it worse.