Lungu, Chomba Roasted

By Fikapwa

Kanshi Ba tata ba Lungu ulubilo mwalikwata na Chomba Kaoma mwalelanda pali USD 17 000 yakuleta imiti ishaba expired nama condoms yatulaika?( So President Lungu, you were discussing the USD 17 000 000 deal with Chomba while having your morning joggings in New Kasama area?” asks a die hard PF supporter in one of the PF WhatApp groups.
President Lungu, Former Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya and Kaoma, the proprietor of Honey Bee Pharmacy, have come under by Zambians for the supply of expired drugs and broken condoms on the Zambian market, the situation that has indangered the citizenly.
In a PR stat, President Lungu fired Dr Chilufya and replaced him with Jonas Chanda. But concerned citizen say President Lungu cannot come out clean in the evil transaction as he enjoys strong relations with Chomba whom is seen with in various functions.
One of the PF WhatApp group members wondered what President Lungu and Chomba were chatting about in the photos that went viral, if it was not the discussion of the USD 17 million Ministry of Health deal.
He said Chomba does not work in Government and neither does he have any public dealings with President Lungu and wondered which deal was bringing close to the Head of State.
The PF member complained that Chomba has aggravated the poverty situation by distributing faulty condoms that have compounded unwanted pregnancies.
Other poverty, he said, Chomba caused death among citizens who mighty have contracted STis as result of damaged condoms.
The PF member accused Chomba of knowingly picking drugs that had been disposed of, claiming that a link has emerged where expired drugs can be gotten for free.
He said Chomba only paid money for shipping the expired drugs into the country.
But Chomba hit back, saying his house and households should not be smeared in the dirt.
However, the PF member advised Chomba to have consious, having caused death of many Zambians who fall prey in his expired drugs.
He went for President Lungu and Dr Chilufya for pretending to be religious and giving Corona disease updates while giving Zambians expired drugs.
“Bushe ifi ba tata ba Lungu balelanda ati ubomba mwibala alya mwibala?” he questioned.