Government Acquisition Of Mopani Copper Mine Will Benefit Zambians




January 21, 2021

Zambian DNA welcomes Government’s decision to acquire 100 percent shares in the Mopani Copper Mine as the move will save jobs and avert job losses, boost the country’s foreign exchange earnings and the generation of non-tax revenues from the mineral wealth as well as contribute effectively to the country’s economic growth.

The move will also help to stabilize the free falling Kwacha against other convertible currencies, and answers the cries of many Zambians for the Government’s majority-owned shares in the Mines.

However some politicians’ move, who are aspiring for the highest office in the land, to oppose the Government’s decision that is clearly meant to benefit the Zambian people shows that they do not mean well for the people of this great nation


It’s for these reasons we are urging the Zambian people to carefully scrutinize politicians who are aspiring for the presidency as some of them do not mean well for country and the general citizenry.

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