Apostle Mayambu Calls On Zambians To Look to God In The Midst of Covid-19

Apostle Mayambu

Battle Cry for Zambia Founder Apostle Dr. Obrian Mayambu has urged Zambians to look to God in the midst of Covid 19- that has continued decimate humanity. During the difficult times, people need to put their faith and trust in God . This period is undoubtedly one of the most difficult times in history as many people have lost there beloved ones due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Friends during the times of crisis men and women of God must arise and engage in spiritual walfare. Pray and ask for God s Protection- Psalm 91 vs 1-6. Covid-19 is a mountain and a real global challenge, for that matter, I have to appeal to everyone to adhere to health guidelines stipulated by our Government. We must, however, not get to a point where it begin to look like God cannot help us because the Almighty God is able. I know that fear of death has gripped the minds and hearts of many people but I want to encourage you that God is above ever

ything, so fear not for the battle belongs to him. We need to look to God and not the storm, if we are to avoid sinking and that happens when we choose not to put our trust and faith in Him.

We must reject fear at all cost because it’s the weapon the Devil uses to deflate our faith in God. I Apostle Dr Mayambu decrees and declares that you, the Covid-19 Demons be arrested in the name of Jesus Christ, all Satanic and demonic manipulation using Covid-19 must be destroyed in Jesus’ Name. Lord we need your intervention as we cast out the demon of Covid- 19 in our Nation that is killing your people. Father, we stand in authority given to us in the name of Jesus Christ. I renounce through the blood of Jesus every hidden covenant of sudden death concerning you and your family in Jesus Name .May God bless our Nation. For Prayer and Counselling, you can contact Apostle Dr Obrian Mayambu Founder battle cry for Zambia email drobrian91@gmail.com