Adopt Tamba, Callers Urge PF

Mr Tamba during a phone in programme

A barrage of callers who phoned in on Live Radio programme dubbed “Live Issues” showered praises on Patriotic Front(PF) Mandevu Constituency Aspiring Candidate Joseph Tamba, urging the ruling party to adopt him ahead of  the forth-coming General Elections.

Ironically, even UPND callers paid complements to Mr Tamba, saying his track record as a counselor is worth noting.
And Mr Tamba says he will remain loyal to the PF even if it does not adopt him to stand in what analysts say is going to be the most crucial elections in the history of  the country.

Callers who tuned in to a live programme said Mr Tamba is best suited to become Member of Parliament for Mandevu because he has demonstrated selfless leadership over the years.

Mwape from Chaisa Compound urged the PF to adopt Mr Tamba because he has a proven track record as Councilor for Raphael Chota Ward in Mandevu Constituency.

He said Mr Tamba should be accorded an opportunity to serve the people of Mandevu because he understands their needs being a councilor in the biggest in the constituency.

He said the ward has seen unprecedented development since the election of Mr Tamba as councilor in 2011.

” The party should adopt Tamba Tamba because he is the on we need. I have sent to say this by many residents who have seen his works since he became Councilor of Raphael Chota,” Mwape said.

Another caller said Mr Tamba has demonstrated that he is a man of the people.

“Unlike those others, Mr Tamba is approachable and attends to our needs. Whenever you stop him on the way, he stops and attends to you. Those are leaders we need,” he said.

And a UPND caller who praised Mr Tamba asked him to defect and contest on the ticket of the biggest opposition.
But in response, Mr Tamba said he will forever remain loyal to President Edgar Lungu and the PF.

He said even if he is not adopted, he will support the Candidate that will be picked by the party.

“I can’t defect to the opposition or stand as an independent in an event the PF does not adopt me. I belong to the green and I have principles. You ask my mentor Geoferey Bwalya Mwamba(GBM), he will tell you how I am” he said.