HH’s Call For Dialogue In Bad Faith, Says UBZ


United for Better Zambia (UBZ) says United Party for National Development(UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema’s call for dialogue is in bad  faith.
In a letter dated 22nd

President Soondo talks to a youth

January, 2021 and addressed to the Church, Hichilema called on the need for national dialogue.
But UBZ leader Hector Soondo doubted the genuiness of Hichilema’s call for dialogue, saying the UPND leader just wants to get public sympathy.

“As United for Better Zambia, we have observed that Mr Hichilema’s call for dialogue is not in good faith. He wants to get sympathy from the citizens. If this dialogue HH is calling for is to heal the the nation and restore peace and love, HH couldn’t have left out other stakeholders…the dialogue was going to be inclusive,” he said.

Mr Soondo said UBZ is highly informed that the UPND lead by Hichilema and its Alliance Partners have been having meetings with the Church without consultations and involvement of political parties outside the Opposition Alliance.

“Political Parties are always represented by Zambia Centre for Inter-party Dialogue(ZCID) which is a mother body of all Political Parties registered in Zambia but HH and UPND have over looked this organization,” the UBZ leader complained.

Mr Soondo called on the Church not to champion the agenda that will only suit the UPND and its Alliance Partners.

“We have keenly followed the letter that HH addressed to the Church, stating that Zambians are suffering under the PF regime. This is not a dialogue call but rather HH wants to use the Church to hound the ruling party out of government using the propaganda dialogue for his personal gains,” he said, “Therefore, we are calling for the church to have a transparent agenda when it comes to  National Reconcilation and Dialogue.

It’s not in order for HH to woke up the Church and remind it that things are not okay in the nation.  It is the duty of the Church to call for Dialogue and Reconcilation when it deems fit.”

He said the Church must include all stakeholders if at all they want Zambians to dialogue on the matters of national importance ahead of 12 August, 2021 General Elections and not just bringing Mr Hichilema, his Alliance Partners and the PF.

“Zambia is bigger than HH, UPND, Alliance Partners and the PF.