Zambians Should Not Allow PF To Continue Running Govt-Saunders …If God Forbid The Covid-19 Pandemic Persists


Political Activist Dante Saunders insists that a committee comprising several stakeholders headed by the Catholic Church must come together on a round table meeting to decide the fate of the forth-coming polls amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
And Saunders has pleaded with President Edgar Lungu to release the report of the brutal shooting of innocent citizens when United Party for National Development(UPND) leader Hakainde was summoned at Force Headquarters in Lusaka for questioning.
Saunders says the public would like to make assessment on whether the report he has is different from what the streets have.
Speaking in a telephone conversation, Mr Saunders said there must be no continuation of Government President Lungu’s second term in office expires.
He insisted that a committee comprising members of the Church, media, international and local Non-Governmental Organisations(NGOs), the ruling and opposition political parties to decide the way forward for the forthcoming elections in the Corona Virus era.
Mr Saunders said God forbid if the Covid-19 pandemic continues, an independent person other than President Edgar Lungu should continue running the country in an interim basis until the situation normalise.
There has been calls to postpone the elections until further notice or voting electronically if the Covid-19 does not end.
“I have always advocated that there should be no continuation of Government when this term expires. This is why I have been calling on the Catholic Church, Civil Society Organisations that believe in people’s democracy and most importantly the major political parties(and not those which don’t have a branch) to come together on the round table and talk about the future of this country,” the Political Analyst said.
Young African Leadership Initiative(YALI) long serve boss, Andrew Ntetewe recently called for the restriction of foreign election observers in view of the Covid-19 pandemic but Saunders said “I am not going to listen to what the Sunday Chandas, the propaganda machines and that guy what is his name… Ntewewes but Civil Society Organisations, the Church and political parties that participate in election headed obviously by the Catholic must come together on the round table and decide whether the Government of National Unity is viable. But going by what Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba said the vaccine for Covid-19 will come in,” he said.
And Saunders said it is pointless to comment on the report of the shooting of the UPND supporter and State Prosecutor Nsama Nsama which has not been laid bare in public.
He said the President should release the report to the general public to see whether it is genuine or not.