Zambian DNA Welcomes Fr Lupupa’s Apology

Fr Lupupa

Zambian DNA welcomes Father Lupapa’s apology for remarks attributed to him on rigging that have gone viral on social media. We are alive to the raging storm the Father’s comments has generated. His apology demonstrates his humility and remorse over the said comments. However, we have noted with grave concern how the same people who attacked and criticized him have in the past kept dead silent when President Edgar Lungu was being attacked and ridiculed by disgruntled elements in an alliance with media outlets hostile to government. We condemn in the strongest terms the double standards and hypocrisy being exhibited here by individuals and political parties some of whom went as far as reporting father Lupupa to the Police. In any case, we are of the opinion that any individual aspiring for the highest office in the land must be patriotic, have a heart for the people, be selfless and be ready to be servant number one of the people first and foremost. Any individual without the said attributes must never be allowed to rule this great Christian Nation. Statement issued by Zambian DNA Spokesperson: Spuki Mulemwa