Opposition Is Only Gaining Momentum On Face Book, Says Rev Lungu

Rev Lungu

Evangelical Youth Alliance International(EYAI) President Moses Lungu has challenged the opposition, saying they only exist on Face Book.
And Rev Lungu has backed Matero Catholic Parish Priest Lastone Lupupa’s remark that some opposition leaders are too bitter and hardhearted to rule the Zambian people.
Speaking in an interview in Lusaka, Rev Lungu said the opposition will get a rude shock in the August General Elections because they have no alternative solutions to offer to the Zambian people.
He insisted that the opposition is basically on social media and not on the ground.
Rev Lungu wondered what new things the opposition can bring on the table which the government has not done.
He branded the opposition leaders as enemies of development and very talkative for nothing.
According to the Reverend, politics of rhetorics being exhibited by the opposition leaders cannot bring bread and butter on the table.
Reverend Lungu was reacting to UPND members who have written off the ruling party ahead of the forthcoming polls.
“Government is enjoying sustainable support on the ground as opposed to the fake impression being created that the opposition is gaining ground, they are gaining grounds on social media and not on the ground. If you look at development the PF government is delivering, it is all inclusive. The Kachokwes, the Bundas, the Lozis, the Luvales and the rest of the tribes are enjoying the massive infrastructure development the PF has delivered,” Rev Lungu said.
And the renowned Clergy came to the defence of Fr Lupupa who recently said some opposition leaders need to soften up for them to rule the country.

He said Fr Lupupa’s remark should be an eye opener to the opposition leader to open his eyes, saying unless God breaks someone, they cannot go to the throne with bitterness and that Intentions of fixing others will be to the detriment of the development.
“We totally stand with Fr lupupa because that was a timely advice,” he stated.