I am An Effective Voice Bahati Needs, Says Mwewa

Mr Mwewa with an old lady in Bahati

I am an effective voice Bahati Constituency needs, Patriotic Front(PF) Aspiring Candidate Augustine Mwewa has declared.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Mwewa said he is seeking public office because he wants  to speak and advocate for development for the people of Bahati Constituency.

While it is a trend for politicians to change goal posts  once elected into office, the PF aspiring candidate said he will not turn his back on the people.

“Comrade, what you need to know is that Mwewa is an effective voice of Bahati and what you need to understand is that when I am elected, I will be indebted to the people of Bahati and it’s the people of Bahati will be my priority. The effective voice of Bahati should not represent the personal interests of Augustine Mwewa but rather represent the views,needs and interests of the people of Bahati in all ten wards.

So, when I get to Parliament, even the Speaker should know that this is not Augustine Mwewa but the effective voice of Bahati. I have pledged to bring the office of Member of Parliament closer to the people I know the fomular to use. Youll not see any change because the way I speak… By the way, I am the only politician who is talking about social contract to bind what I am saying, if they hear that I have changed in Parliament, I have asked my people to rise against me because they are very close and dearly to my heart. From the time I was a child, I have pledged to be a voice of the people and I cannot change because this is what I desire most. If God grants it to me, I will not betray the people of Bahati, I will not betray their trust and I will not betray the Almighty God who will make it possible come 2021 elections,” he said.

Mr Mwewa said he is seeking the office of Member of Parliament because he understands the constraints people in Bahati go through having born and bred in the area.

“What has moved me to stand is the kind of challenges that our people and I went through when I was growing up and you find that the people that were accorded an opportunity to represent these people have not done much to address the challenges that we were facing and that are still facing our the people. There is what is called paying back to the community. If I was brought up in that community, there are ways that I can get back and work with them.Comrade I have a formula to engage the corperate world and well wishers to partiner with my office in supplementing government efforts and better the lives of our people. If the people that are there are doing little in addressing the challenges, it is my duty as a son of the soil to go back to my parents, to my mothers, to go back to my sisters, to my grandfathers, to my grandmother and tell them that ‘shall we put our heads together because these challenges are still existing from our time up to this time. We should be able to put our heads together through the corporate world and the efforts of Government. We should be able to address things and also make our lives better. So, that is what has compelled me to aspire to be MP,” he said.

Mr Mwewa added: “I am moved with a passion that our people are still subjected to the same conditions we were subjected to when we were growing up. The leaders that have been put there have not done much to address the challenges our youths are facing in Bahati, they are not doing much to address the issues our women are facing, the people living with disabilities are facing, our elderly people in the community are facing. There are so many challenges that they are facing but with the effective voice that I will provide to the people of Bahati as the name says Mwewa “the effective voice of Bahati”, ubunonshi(richness)in Bahati, we are going to work with the people and we are going to address those challenges with a united force.”

Mr Mwewa said through a system of leadership for Bahati Constituency, he has seen light at the end of tunnel for the people who have had no proper representations.

“I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel for the people of Bahati. The last thing that you need to lose as a human being is hope. The Almighty God that we serve, is a living God and he answers the needs and cries of the people in different ways.

I can assure them that this is a time that God has answered the people of Bahati through an effective voice of Augustine Mwelwa who is aspiring to lead them in 2021 and beyond and he is going to provide that light at the end of the tunnel through engaging them, through unity of purpose, through a round table and through engaging the traditional leaders, the village headman and the people living in the village without living anyone behind. I have the fomular how I will engage them,” he said.

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