UNZA Drifts Into Anarchy Under Prof. Mumba

Prof. Mumba

Lecturers at the University of Zambia (UNZA), the country’s highest learning institution have accused Vice Chancellor, Prof Mumba of deliberately reducing the credentials of the university and sinking its fortunes.

According to the lecturers who sought anonymity for fear of being repremanded, Prof. Mumba has since ascendancy to his portfolio been promoting anarchy, tribalism and nepotism at the university.

The source further alleges that Prof. Lumumba is in the habit of houding out perceived and unfavourable staff especially those from the Western, North-Western and Southern provinces of the country from the university.

The source (aggrieved lecturer) also attributed the failure by the University to pay salaries, pension and gratuity to management’s failure to run the institution properly.

Below is the full statement:

The University of Zambia you once knew is gone, dusted and finished. The PF politically hand-picked Unza management has failed to run the institution.

Unza can no longer afford to pay salaries, pensions and gratuities because management has no clue how to resolve the impasse except boasting that they are politically connected to President Edgar Lungu and PF.

Under Prof. Mumba nepotism, tribalism and blatant victimisation of staff is the order of the day.

A former Deputy Dean of Students, John Munkombwe was, soon after the 2016 elections, hounded out of office without reason or charge, simply for being Tonga and perceived to be UPND. An Assistant Dean in the same Department, a Mr Liswaniso was also unceremoniously transferred to another unit which he never applied for. Wamundila Sitali, former Registrar of the University has had his contract not renewed.

Prof. Mumba only wants to work with those from the North and East regions of Zambia. The entire UNZA top management is now Eastern with a few from the North. He has made it clear that he intends to rid all who originate from other politically unfavourable regions.

Just a look at the names will give one an idea: Prof. Mumba is Vice Chancellor (Eastern); Dr. Tamala Kambikambi is Deputy Vice Chancellor (Eastern); Mr. Rodger Phiri is the Registrar (Eastern); Mr. Kapambwe is the Bursar (Northern), and Dr. Mwanza is Dean of Students (Eastern) and Grace Tembo (Eastern) replaced Munkombwe as Deputy Dean of Students after having failed interviews for the same position. She is does not have the required 5 GCE subjects but she was given the job because she has a personal relationship with the Vice Chancellor.

It took 3 separate interviews to pick the current Dean of Students which Mrs Tembo failed. However, now the Vice Chancellor wants to create room for his friend by removing Dr. Mwanza at all costs over frivolous charges and allegations.

To make this happen, Prof. Mumba has been meeting Mrs. Tembo after work hours to chart a strategy to hound out Dr. Mwanza because he is seen as too accommodating to other staff. And in order to achieve this, (remove Dr. Mwanza) Prof. Mumba and Dr. Kambikambi have vowed to get rid of a named very junior officer, a Mr. Habuno, under Dr. Mwanza’s Unit because they believe that if they manage to get rid of Habuno they will pin down Dr. Mwanza and promote Mrs. Tembo to the position even when they know she does not qualify and is incompetent to run the unit. Dr. Kambikambi has been telling friends that she needs to fire Habuno because he is an arrogant Tonga and upnd member.

UNZA staff are now gripped with fear with dismissals at the slightest opportunity.

Meanwhile while Unza management’s preoccupation is to hound out their perceived unfavourable staff the institution is bleeding because they have no skills to run it professionally. They seem to be overcome with excitement of being given high positions which they never expected to get, but thanks to PF that only prefer cadres instead of ability.


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