I have Tried my best to seduce this handsome marrieed doctor and I’m now thinking of using charms

I have Tried  my best to seduce this handsome marrieed doctor and I’m  now thinking of using charms

Morning please hide my I’d.am a lady age 34 with 3kids 2 from one man 1 from a different guy.2019 I mate a guy on Facebook a doctor from day one he told he was a married man & the wife by then she was working from Ndola him in Lusaka.so my mum fail sick & she was referred to UTH so I inboxed him saying am coming to UTH to bring my mum he has born problem,he said u find us but he told me am gynaecologist am not a born specialist but I can help u push your file so that u can see the doctor fast.so he gave me the number for the person to see when am there I did just that mum was worked on. He never gave me his number we communicated through Facebook so I decided to give him my number so that he call me he just said thanks he never called.

Then I asked him if I can invite him at my place for dinner to appreciate him for helping mum he said shekyakwabene Bamayo balikabya. Then I told him OK I take him out to the place of his choice he said I will tell u when am ready. Months went by then I reminded him about our date he told when I come back from ndola am going to see my wife.he went when he came back I reminded him he said Thursday so that day came then he said OK make arrangements coz I don’t carry women in my car coz only my wife. I said I will pick you up then better u book me a taxi then we can meet there I booked a taxi picked him at at twin palm coz he stays in Meanwood, we met I asked him to eat what he wanted to my shock he just ordered a cheap meal.

We ate the guy is cute I fell in love with him & I was looking forward for a day in bed with him.so after eating he told me I will pay the bill he paid bought me talk time he told me am going home my wife will soon call. Then I called the driver picked him I drove off . honestly I was in love ever since so I checked on him everyday.sometimes he will sound interested sometimes is off key.last year he the wife finally was moved to Lusaka she was pregnant.we were talking she gave birth in October.the whole attention went to the wife.so last month he told me I will be going to the copperbelt for some business since am on leave.

So I told him if he can give me a lift to ndola he said no problem so the day came he told me am leaving tomorrow I prepared myself we started off.on the way he even bought me something to eat I was so happy me thinking today is that day I have been waiting for,so we arrived in Ndola around 20hr so he asked me were is home I told him at Barack but it’s late & didn’t carry my I’d so they won’t allow me to enter is it okay if I join u in your room I can leave in the morning.he said OK then he booked at a beautiful lodge he told me to go eat something.

I was so happy thinking have won a jackpot to my rude supprise he came in the room after talking to his wife he came in the room the wife called telling him the baby is awake then he was on video call with his daughter for about 30min.i waited . after talking I wake & followed him were he was seated tried to touch him remember I was not dressed & I have a beautiful shared body no man can risist me.

He stood got a towel & gave me to cover myself.he said I have never shared a bed with a woman from my wife.& I don’t intend to do that.i love my wife & family then he showed me a picture in his phone he was seated down with a daughter on his shoulder & his 2 sons standing leaning on his shoulder while the wife putting her head on his laps his hands was hold ka girl while the 3 were holding him.he said what u have seen in this picture this is how full my hands are.i can’t put my family down for one night sex never my wife does everything to make me happy I have no reason to go sleep with another woman.

I booked this room for u since its late u can’t go home.i beged him just to touched me he just kissed me on my head & left went to sleep at his brother’s place.in the morning he came gave me 2pin for transport & he apologised if he turned me my emotions on us not a cheat is working very hard coz he want to his family to go settle in the UK next year if corona finishes.am thinking of going to see some witch doctor using the money he gave me as point of contact I must have that man by all cost anyone who knows some powerful dc I follow the comments.insult me it’s fine I love that guy I must have him.