I Am Inspired By God, Says Joseph Tamba

Joseph Tamba


The Almighty God has inspired me to aspire for Mandevu Constituency as Law-maker, says Joseph Malama Tamba.


And in fostering peace and unity in th Mr Tamba has warned his supporters not to cast aspersion on PF members who want to aspire for Mandevu Constituency.


Speaking when he was unveiled as Mandevu Constituency aspiring Candidate in Roma Township, Mr Tamba said he believes that God who made it possible for him to break the yoke of poverty will deliver victory for him in the forth-coming elections.


He said if God has destined him to become Member of Parliament for Mandevu Constituency, no one can change t.


“I have no pressure of becoming MP and I don’t lose my sleep for it because I know that the Almighty God who removed me from abject poverty will make it possible for me to become Member of Parliament for Mandevu Constituency,” he said, “Ifwe ni cadre na Lesa(for us, it is cadre and God.”


Mr Tamba explained that he endured tough times before becoming a successful business, saying he had to drop out of school in the seventh grade to start business.


He, however said he changed his business from selling beans to trading in sweets at Intercity Bus Terminals where he met business mogul Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba(GBM) who introduced him to late PF founding leader Michael Chilufya Sata.


Mr Tamba said through the late President’s influence, he was incorporated in the PF as Mandevu Constituency Chairperson and later on Raphael Chota ward Councilor


“With the mercy of God, I went back to school at Matero Boys Secondary where I acquired both my grade nine and twelve certificates. Now I am looking forward to hold bachelors in business administration,” he said.


And Mr Tamba said time has come for Mandevu Constituency to have an MP who hails from Chipata Compound.


He said since time immemorial, Mandevu Constituency has had MPs who either come from Roma or Olympia Township and none of them  has come from Mandevu, Chipata, Chaisa or Garden Compounds, the densely populated areas.


Mr Tamba said 2021 is year of make and break for the people of Mandevu Constituency, saying the electorates will have themselves to blame if they  elect a non performer as Member of Parliament.

“It is time for a person that comes from Chipata Compound to be MP of Mandevu Constituency and that person is me. I am a Komboni person who resides in Chipata Compound,” Mr Tamba said.

Mr Tamba was quick to acknowledge the importance of women in every election.


The Mandevu Aspiring Candidate said he is happy that his house and office in Chipata Compound is filled with crowds of women who want to offer support to him.


“Women are not selfish. It was actually women who escorted Jesus when he was led to his death at the Cross of Calvary and it was women who discovered that Jesus had resurrected and taken to Heaven to join His Father,’ Mr Tamba said.

Meanwhile, in calling for peace and unity in the party, Mr Tamba pleaded with his supporters not to vilify PF members who want to aspire for Mandevu Constituency.

“If I hear that you insult any of my contenders, you will have me to contend with,” he said.




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