Cartel Out To Eliminate Vinod Yaddula

Panyam Vikram Deva Reddy


The unresolved conspiracy to murder a Zambian of Asian origin, Vinod Yaddula has left more questions than answers, with the plan to eliminate the victim by known people still in the pipe dream.


According to information obtained, Mr. Yaddula’s life is still in danger following the authority’s  failure to prosecute the matter to the latter and nailing the vicious cartel that include lawyers, scribes  and others on the payroll of their master Vikram Deva-Reddy, a troubled Indian billionaire.

It is reported that this cartel is having sleepless night scheming how to eliminate Yaddula after the planted cases influenced by Vikram fell over.


Vikram is allegedly using his uncle whose names have been withheld for now to coordinate the murder plan.


“From what we know, Vikram is leading a powerful cartel that is plotting to end Yaddula’s life. Vikram is unhappy that Vinod has escaped almost all the cases he planted on him using the vicious cartel and he will do anything to silence him forever so that he takes control of the mining license he did not sweat for,” he said, “Since Vikram is far away in Dubai, he is using his uncle whom I can’t name for now to coordinate the murder plan on his behalf.”  

Last year, the Zambia Police Service, Flying Squad Unit, popularly known as C5 pounced on two Zambians and two Kenyans namely Simon Nganga, Imasiku Liseli, Edward Morris and Renald in connection with written threaten to murder Yaddula.

The four whose cell phones and vehicles used in a heinous crime were confiscated and bundled at Lusaka Central Police were released on police bond but that case could not be taken to court because Zambia Information and Communication Authority(ZICTA) could not provide the State with a forensic report, claiming that they could not open the suspects’ coded gadget.

Liseli Imasiku
Edward Morris

Simon Nganga a prime suspect has since gone back to his home land, Kenya while the others are still looming the streets of Lusaka, trailing Yaddula everywhere he goes.


According to the phone records received from the mobile providers, over 200 phone calls were made among the cartel before arrests were made. WhatsApp messages and pictorial evidence show that the suspects were getting money and instructions to harm Yaddula from Vikram who is based both in Indian and Dubai.

And a recent phone record from the mobile provider show that the cartel is still in communication and would do anything to silence Yaddula over his hard-earned mining license.