Chikankata MP Plans To Harm Opponents Within His Party


There is desperation by incumbent UPND Member of Parliament for Chikankata Crispin Kabwe who has been rejected by the general public in Chikankata District of Southern Province.

He is now facing stiff competition and has failed to make even the party officials in wards and constituency support him for re-adoption.

He is only working with vice chairperson of the constituency Monday Ng’andu whose only interest is money from the MP. The last five years the MP has failed to work with the people of Chikankata and has completely lost popularity. He is now facing stiff competition from a woman, only identified as Jaqueline, whom the officials say is the only serious contender. Other contenders are Mulungwe and Chisanga.

After assessing the situation, Kabwe has come to a realization that he cannot stop Jaqueline unless he does something drastic. He has confided in some party officials that the only way is to find a way to kill her. That way he thinks the others do not pose much threat. He has since camped in Chikankata in order to trail Jaqueline’s campaign movement and find an opportunity to harm her.

It is understood that Police already know the plot and Kabwe has complained to his confidants that he has been warned by Police about his plans to harm his main rival. Even Ng’andu is considering abandoning the MP as he has confessed that it is impossible to sell the MP to both the UPND officials and the public, who say if Kabwe were adopted, they would rather vote for a PF candidate in the area.

He is now seeking the use of witchcraft as the conventional method has been exposed.