UNZA Security Guards Take Over Dean Of Students

JOBUNZA management under Professor Luke Mumba has drifted further into anarchy as he has now given powers to UNZA security guards under UNZA Security to take over responsibilities of the Dean of Students in managing and allocation of hostel accommodation to students.

Since the Vice Chancellor suspended the Dean of Students Dr. Mwanza on flimsy grounds the Acting Dean of Students, Grace Tembo, has failed to manage and allocate hostel accommodation to deserving students, leaving many hostel rooms vacant, thereby making UNZA lose revenue in hostel accommodation fees.

The Vice Chancellor has failed to take action on the Acting Dean of Students Mrs. Grace Tembo because of a long existing relationship they have.

Mrs. Tembo was a Typist/secretary at UNZA for a long time, got her Bachelor’s Degree through Staff tuition waiver and got her Masters from some UK college.

At the time, she only had four ‘O’ level subjects. UNZA overlooked these requirements and promoted her to Deputy Dean of Students after getting rid of a qualified Tonga, Mr. Munkombwe. She was on 8 months long leave in 2020 to rewrite one subject in order to cover up the irregularityInstead of correcting the situation and just bring back Dr. Mwanza the Vice Chancellor has given authority to UNZA Security Guards, through the Chief Security Officer Mr. Kabalika, to allocate and accommodate students hostel rooms. Kabalika is the blue-eyed boy of the Vice Chancellor and is believed to have connived with Mrs. Tembo to mislead the Vice Chancellor on information that was used to suspend Dr. Mwanza. This has caused discounted among Dean of Students affairs Unit who feel that management is undermining their department. There are currently hundreds of hostel rooms which have not been allocated to students due to incompetence of Mrs. Tembo who has been personally allocating rooms disregarding experienced staff in the department. This has caused UNZA to lose millions of Kwacha in that rooms have remained unoccupied and unpaid for close to three months. This is the same person that the Vice Chancellor wants to promote to the position of Dean of Students. In 2019 when she acted as Dean of Students she again caused UNZA to lose millions of Kwacha by failing to allocate hostel accommodation to vacant rooms.

The Vice Chancellor sees nothing wrong with all this and continues protecting her. Had it been any other staff by now they would have been fired.