Joseph Tamba Brings Lusaka CBD To A Standstil…As He Submits His Adoption Letter

After coining a cadre na Lesa catchphrase, Patriotic Front(PF) Mandevu Constituency Aspiring Candidate Joseph Malama Tamba successfully submitted his application letter for adoption at the National Secretariat, Provincial and District offices on Friday, 12th March 2021.

Business in Cairo Road and surrounding Central Business District(CBD) in Lusaka came to a standstill as Mr. Tamba who was flanked by over 1000 supporters in a convoy  proceeded to the National Secretariat, Provincial and District offices.


Mr Tamba’s supporters who thronged the CBD sang “Uwesu! Uwesu! Uwesu” as the motorcade proceeded.


The aspiring candidate stayed only few minutes at the national secretariat, provincial and district PF offices where his adoption letter is being scrutinized.

The PF has opened adoption for its members who want to contest as MPs, Council Chairpersons, Mayor and Councilors.


One of the Mandevu Constituency residents said he is happy that Mr. Tamba has finally filed his application letter for adoption.


“This is dream come true and as residents of Mandevu Constituency, we are delighted that our man has filed his adoption letter to the great Patriotic Front for possible adoption as MP,” Mwansa Chisanga said in an interview few minutes after Mr Tamba filed his adoption letter.

Another resident Marvin Hangweende was thrilled that Mr Tamba has filed his adoption letter.


“Since time immemorial, our constituency has not had a candidate who resides in the compounds of Mandevu Constituency. All of them have come from elite townships like Roma and Olympia Park but this time around, we are going to have one who lives in Chipata Compound, Mwana wa mu Komboni, Joseph Tamba. We are going to support him and escort him to the promised land,” he said.


Mr Hangweende said Mr Tamba has a proven record, making him a suitable candidate.




“He has transformed Raphael Chota into a ward worth talking about. Given an opportunity to serve as MP, Mandevu will be a better place to live in,” he said.

Mr Hangweende said Mr Tamba is a man of the grassroots as evidenced during his time as Raphael Chota ward Councilor.


“He (Mr. Tamba) is a down to earth man,” he said.