Grade 12 clause to cause voter apathy and poor leadership.


Its colonial mindset to start demanding full Grade 12 qualifications from citizens who want to aspire for leadership in order to save this country from corruption and poverty.


Zambia is for Zambians rich or poor, educated or not educated all of us have a role in shaping the future of the country.


Following the Constitutional Court ruling on Grade 12 qualification which state that  a school certificate have 5-o levels credit or better, anything below that is not Grade 12 certificate school and College and University degrees are not grade 12 school certificate and not needed , further Instructing Electoral Commission of Zambia to reject GCE Results.


The ruling by the Constitutional court is a danger to the electoral process and may cause voter apathy as many candidates will not qualify and some communities in rural areas may not have people who qualify.


Between 2016 and 2021 we saw a number of resignation from local councilors who most came from towns at a time of adoption by various political parties.


Issued by:

Tatila Tatila

Media Director


Leadership Movement