Our people Are Suffering, Cries ZUSD’s Lazarous Chisela

Mr Chisela

It is immoral for any Zambian of any importance to pretend that things are well in the country, says Zambians United for Sustainable Development(ZUSD) leader Lazarus Chisela.

Patriotic Front(PF) Lusaka Province Chairperson Paul Moonga recently said it is a fiction of imagination to say that there is hunger in Zambia.

“There is no hunger in the country. Just come to my farm so that you can learn how to grow chipapela (vegetables),”

Mr Moonga told the press at the PF Lusaka Province office.
But launching the ZUSD party at Stay Easy Hotel in Lusaka, the event that was broadcast live on video conference due to the Corona pandemic, Mr Chisela said Zambia is facing an economic crisis like never before.

“Our people are suffering. Our people are dying. It is immoral for any Zambian of importance to pretend that things are well. Our people are suffering, housing shortage in Zambia stands at 2.8 million and expected to double by 2025. The rate of unemployment stands at 15.3%, and our people are hungry. 60% of Zambians are living below poverty levels,” he complained.

He said prices of the staple food are tracking ahead of wages, adding that shortage of medicines and services in healthcare facilities is sending young and old people to their early graves.
He said the youth are neglected and despised.
“The youth are systematically denied economic opportunities and by the same act reserved for and used as pawns in cycles of senseless hate-motivated political contest,” Mr Chisela said, adding that corruption and rumours of graft have become a way of life.
He regretted that Politicians are not sharing words of encouragement anymore, they are not motivating nor are they inspiring but that their speeches are filled with threats.
“…Threats are issued against this or that person or that political opponent on the basis of tribe or simply intent to run for office at all cost,” the ZUSD leader said.
He said once voted into office, ZUSD will address the ills the country is facing on six front.

Mr Chisela said the party will institutionalise the rule of law by stopping and preventing dictatorial tendencies that emanate from a lot of power vested in a person occupying the office of the presidency.
He said the party will create systems and corrupt free institutions to distribute power, saying ZUSD will embark on a process to allow Zambians to govern themselves.
Mr Chisela stated that ZUSD will put in place a deliberate method of delivery and implementation policies, using a collective approach for those who have specialty knowledge and skills to help govern institutions to success.
Mr Chisela pointed out that ZUSD will educate the disempowered marginalised and underserved citizens, saying the party believes that the greatest service the government can provide to a Zambian is enlightenment and awakening to boundless opportunities.