Leadership Movement Ready To Contest 2021 Polls

Leadership Movement(LM) has vowed to adopt a lot of women ahead of the forthcoming General Elections.

And noting the harsh economic situation in the country, Leadership Movement has made the application for adoptions free to give an opportunity to every capable Zambian to apply.


Speaking at the press conference in Lusaka, Leadership Movement National Chairperson David Kalumba declared the party ready to contest the forth coming elections.

He explained that the party is not charging money to apply for adoption so that no one is hindered.


Mr. Kalumba said money is not a panacea for good leadership, stating that what the party wants are popular and qualified people to take up national leadership.


“We are ready to contest the 2021 General Elections. We recently held virtual convention where President Richard Silumbe was elected as our 2021 Presidential candidate,” Mr. Kalumba said, “We are receiving application forms for adoptions and I must state that we have made them free to give an opportunity to qualified Zambians to stand on our ticket.”


And Mr. Kalumba acknowledged the important role women play in elections.


“We are going to adopt a lot of women to stand on our party’s ticket because they play an important role in every election,” he said.


Mr. Kalumba, however, regretted that   a number of women do not take part in politics because of victimization and politics of character assassination


“We are going to continue empowering women in various programs and we are not going to allow any of our party members to insult women


Mr. Kalumba added that the party will also adopt a lot of youths in the forthcoming coming elections.


He added that the party has lined various programs to empower youths so that they become responsible citizens.

“A lot of youths are not in employment. It is our desire to empower them through various programmes,” Mr. Kalumba said.