TWENTY MMD members have sued their president Nevers Mumba and Party National Secretary General Elizabeth Chitika for breaching the party’s Constitution.
According to the 20, Dr. Mumba has allegedly breached the party’s Constitution in that he has held the position of President for 9 years and was illegally appointed the Party’s President when he’s not eligible
The plaintiffs state that Dr. Mumba’s appointment will bring the total number of years he has held office to 14 years contrary to Article 40(1) of the Party’s Constitution.
The plaintiffs argue that Dr. Mumba breached the Party’s constitution when he appointed Mrs. Chitika to serve as Party National Secretary General when the position is elective.
Further, the Plaintiffs State that the current MMD National Executive Committee members were never elected at any convention but instead appointed Dr. Mumba, therefore, holding office illegally.