A Woman’s Secret To A Healthy and Refreshing Home, VIE-AQUA

Every woman desires long life for her family and good health is what cardinal to long life is. But Good health doesn’t come without healthy water that is why VIE –AQUA  investments is proud to announce free home and  office deliveries of  20 liter purified drinking water  at only K30 on exchange of containers . If you have no containers for exchange don’t worry you can buy our water together with the containers at K50 and K60 and thereafter you will be getting refills at only K30 per container.

Drink fresh water with a great taste. Our water is purified by one of the world’s advanced purification process giving our customers guaranteed healthy water with a perfect taste.

Get your 20 liter water orders with free delivery to your residence or premises within Lusaka. Licensed by Zambia Compulsory Standards and tested at the Zambia Bureau of Standards lab and the University of Zambia School of engineering Lab.

PLEASE: We may also accept different kinds of containers for exchange. Whatsapp or call 0953017904/0962841947  for orders.

******We do deliveries for free in Lusaka