NAC Law Enforcement Agencies, Creative Industry Leaders Unite To Combat Piracy

NAC Law Enforcement Agencies, Creative Industry Leaders Unite To Combat Piracy

National Arts Council (NAC), law enforcement agencies and creative industry have launched an Anti-Piracy Campaign dubbed Partners against Piracy (PAP), an initiative that directs resources towards the fight against rampant content theft in Zambia.

The campaign which has drawn entertainment companies, content creators and distributors seeks to educate and inform audiences on the effects of piracy to the industry and the amount of revenue that is lost from piracy to the Government.


Speaking on behalf of Tourism Minister Ronald at the launch of the campaign launch of campaign at the Multichoice-Zambia Headquarters in Lusaka, Mr Patrick Lungu said it was it was saddening to note the high levels of piracy particularly of local creative content in Zambia.


“The creative industry is bleeding due to rampant piracy. Piracy does not affect the the artists, it affects their families, it affects the communities and the government. With the coming of the digital era, piracy has become has become even more widespread and normal for many people. This is unacceptable and we need to this with all the energy we have,” said Mr Lungu.

“The monetization of the arts sector will encourage more creativity and innovation which are much needed in the current economic environment that has seen the global economy shrink due to the ongoing pandemic.”

National Arts Council of Zambia Maanka Chipindi said piracy was a serious scourge that had grave implications on everyone.

“This is an important initiative at various levels because it’s timely and we have not talked about piracy in a long time. This initiative gives us an opportunity to reflect people’s minds on the negative impact of piracy. In this campaign, we showing to the public and everyone that an act of piracy is not a simple and innocent thing but a difficult issue that has serious grave implications on everyone,” said Mr Chipindi.


Meanwhile, National Association for Media Arts(NAMA) President Lottie Siame said: “We are excited to be part of Partner Against Piracy(PAP) as it enhances the collaboration between different segments of the industry to fight the scourge.”

“Creative industry has potential to be a massive economic growth engine in Zambia but this growths’ potential is threatened by piracy. The delivery of legal creative content is growing but it is unfortunate that this is being undermined by a surge in the sale of pirated movies, music and artistic work,” Mr. Siame said.

Pirates are profiting from the hard work of talented creators, entertainment companies and industries exposing and denying industries benefits from their work while exposing consumers to dangerous malware.

The campaign has attracted various organizations including Irdeto, ZAMCOPS, Patent and Company Registration Agency(PACRA), Zambia Police Service, Journalists, film and music artists.