By MEMORY CHIPILI [Sensitive viewers are warned over the pictures you are about to see.]
A Five year old girl of Lusaka’s Jack Compound is battling with a rare skin condition known as Itchylosis, which has left her stigmatized by friends.
The child’s Mother, Maines Chileshe has told Diamond news that her daughter’s condition started as a skin rash when she was only two months old, and several attempts to seek medical attention have not yielded any improvement.
She says Skin Specialists at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) have declared the condition as incurable but can only be managed through the use of special skin cream which cost K600 a bottle and only lasts for three days as it works to reduce the itching effect and keeps the skin moisturized.
Mrs. Chileshe says being a mother of six children, she has had to give up her profession as a Pre-School teacher to start selling tomatoes at the market so that she can manage her time well and look after her family as her husband is unemployed.
She has since called on well-wishers to help her with financial support to buy the needed creams as well as those who may know of any solution to her daughter’s rare condition.