Why It Is A Must To Adopt Augustine Mwewa In Bahati

Augustine Mwewa

MWEWA AUGUSTINE is one of the aspiring candidates in Bahati constituency and is one of the preferred candidate hoped for adoption on PF PARTY ticket as MP2021.

*He is the son of the soil, grown up in the area,learnt and started his teaching career in the area and taught at Bahati Seminary for free as a way of paying back to the his former school and community.*

He understands very well the geographical boundaries of Bahati constituency and the challenges that the BahatiĀ  community faces and how we a lasting solution can be found by working together.

*It is not his first time to attempt to aspire for Bahati constituency. He did it in 2019 though he was left out he remained loyal to the Party and accorded the elected MP the respect he deserved.*

He has moved around Bahati in all the 10 wards and fully understands and know what the people are going through. He will work effectively with government, well wishers and cooperate world to bring sustainable empowerment and development in the area.

*He enjoys good relationship with all PF party structures, he understands very well the PF party manifesto and how he intends use this important document to transform from the paper into reality.*

He has good relationship with most chiefs who are the custodian of the Land and source of development and has pledged to consult and work with chiefs in bringing the much needed development closer to the people.

*He shares a good relationship with all the churches in the area this is the reason he has pledged to give Bahati to Jesus. He can work well with all the churches in bringing unity of purpose in Bahati*

His contribution to the growth of the PF party is there in the public domain for anyone to see.His loyalty to the party and president ECL is behold doubt.

*He brings in the great vision to transform Bahati constituency using available resource. Bahati is surrounded by opportunities and needs one like Mwewa to take advantage and turn it into transforming Bahati constituency together with its good people.*

Most of the people in Bahati constituency knows the vision of MWEWA AUGUSTINE and that has made him more popular on the ground. His popularity is going to make the party and president ECL mop more votes in Bahati constituency*

*MWEWA AUGUSTINE has pledged to bring the office of MP closer to the people by creating Ward offices in each Ward this way it will be easy today understand the successes and failures from each Ward*

*PRESIDENT ECL 2021-2026*