…says Hatembo siblings are witnesses and not suspects on the run.
The Police have retracted part of Thursday’s statement indicating it is keenly looking for leads that would help in the arrest of Pheluna and Milton Hatembo, the siblings embroiled in the Kalomo Farm 1924 controversy.
Police Assistant Public Relations Officer, Danny Mwale discloses that the service erroneously indicated that the two are wanted by police to be arrested.
Mwale says the Hatembo siblings are witnesses in the case where leader of the largest opposition in Zambia – UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema is accused of criminal trespass and fraudulent acquisition of the said farm.
Lusaka High Court Judge, Catherine Phiri dismissed the case in favour of Hichilema stating it was statute barred and documents from Ministry of Lands prove both parties were aware of the transaction in 2005.
The duo (in picture) appeared during a media briefing organized by the Zitukule Consortium and disclosed that they had been in hiding from people forcing them to appeal the matter in court.
Pheluna and Milton dismissed claims that they are being held hostage, but their brothers – Emerson and Cosmas Hatembo reported their siblings missing since February 2021.
The two brothers have since opened a case of abduction that has seen five people arrested so far, while the whereabouts of a UPND supporter, Tom Silwiindi remain unknown.